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Cable Penetration Products

Nobody offers more solutions for sealing cable penetrations than Beele/CSD. Almost 20 years ago, we revolutionized penetration sealing with our RISE® cable penetration sealing system. Up until then, your choices were limited to either cumbersome block systems or messy casting compounds. Once RISE® was introduced, it was clear that this was unlike any other system in history. RISE® offered unprecedented fire protection, flexibility, and installed cost savings - all without the use of metal parts, casting compounds or mineral wool.

Now, Beele/CSD has done it again with the recent introduction of the new RISE/NOFIRNO® technology. Drastic improvements have been introduced to the system, which now offer even better fire protection, better watertight sealing, and even more flexibility in applications. One size does not fit all when it comes to sealing cable penetrations. That's why we offer the best solutions with the best products, designed to perform today, tomorrow and for the entire service life of your installation. Safety... it's in our blood.

Explore our solutions for sealing cable penetrations:

RISE Cable
RISE Cable Penetrations
RISE/NOFIRNO Cable Penetrations
ACTIFOAM Temporary Seals
RISWAT Cable Penetrations (watertight/gas-tight only)